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THING Project

Things, from the Old Norse Þing are the early assemblies found throughout Northern Europe as a result of our shared Norse heritage.

Tingwall Gateway sign Tingwall Gateway signZoomThe THING Project is a three year transnational project funded by the Northern Periphery Programme, involving partners in Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Shetland, Orkney, the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Man. The Northern Periphery Programme aims to help peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop their economic, social and environmental potential. The project has established a network to explore and promote the shared links between the Northern European thing sites and develop sustainable business and tourism opportunities in each of the partner regions.

Shetland Amenity Trust was responsible for over 45% of the overall project activities - auditing the available information and telling the collective thing story; considering interpretation, tourism and marketing, education, site management; and developing good practice guidelines. We produced tourism and marketing tools including a thing sites website, branded memory sticks and a GeoTour where geocaches have been hidden at sites across the project partner areas.

Jacqui Clark's play Aert-fast performed at Tingwall Aug 2012 © THING Project-Frank Bradford Jacqui Clark's play Aert-fast performed at Tingwall Aug 2012 © THING Project-Frank BradfordZoomLocally the project has promoted thing sites through a number of initiatives including a lecture series, an open air play based on a case being brought to the lawting at Tingwall and a Viking Feast.

This summer the Norwegian fishing boat M/S Nybakk travelled on a Thing Sea Trail, covering sites in Norway, Skye, Isle of Man, Dingwall, Orkney and Shetland.

Please click below to watch a video Interview with Per-Kåre Nybakk and Eileen Brooke-Freeman about the Thing Sea Trail.

For more information about the project visit www.thingproject.eu