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Land Names

Cairn and trig on Wart of Scousburgh Cairn and trig on Wart of ScousburghZoomMany place names describe the terrain: breck and lee names refer to a slope, hamar means steep rocky wall, kame describes a comb or ridge of hills, whilst dale names are given to valleys. Varða means a cairn on a hilltop, giving Wart, Ward and Vord hill names.

Some lochs carry vatn names, while smaller pools are called shuns (tjörn: small lake or tarn). Some place names also refer to trows, picts or njuggels (water spirits in the form of a horse) with associated stories having been passed down orally.

Causeway at Njuggleswater, Scalloway Causeway at Njuggleswater, ScallowayZoom



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