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Our mission is to safeguard, enhance, and promote Shetland's heritage, ensuring it is accessible to be enjoyed by all.

Shetland Amenity Trust constantly strives to preserve and enhance everything that is distinctive about Shetland's cultural and natural heritage, promoting access to it whether physical or intellectual.

The Trust was created in 1983 and has since delivered an extensive range of high quality heritage and culture projects, in partnership with a range of local, national and international agencies.

We continue to be pro-active in seeking new opportunities and identifying new funding sources, to further enhance the heritage and culture experience for local Shetland people and visitors to our islands.

We are part of a community which takes great pride and pleasure in our cultural and natural heritage, embracing traditions, dialect and our physical environment in all of our activities.

Fair Work
We have adopted the Fair Work principles.

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Da Voar Redd Up 2024 is underway #DVRU2024

Shetland’s most successful annual community beach and roadside spring clean-up is taking place this week, fromSaturday 20th to Friday 26th April.

Share your Redd Up photos with us on facebook and Instagram using #DVRU2024

Find out more abour this year's event.