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Equality, Inclusion and Diversity


The Shetland Amenity Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting all of Shetland’s heritage ensuring it is accessible and enjoyed by all

We commit to pro-actively:

  • support the Shetland heritage sector, acknowledging that our island’s history and heritage is an invaluable tool in fighting discrimination in all its forms;
  • facilitate anti-discrimination debate and discussion in the care of and access to our heritage collection;
  • seek and take care of the needs of an inclusive heritage workforce and audience;
  • continue to develop diverse and representative collections; and,
  • ask questions and challenge practices that support inclusion in all of its forms.

Policy and Action

Shetland Amenity Trust has policies and action plans in place which are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure we are proactivley pursing our equality, inclusion and diversity ambtions.

Fair Work 

Shetland Amenity Trust has adopted the Fair Work principles and commits to:

  • Pay the Real Living Wage
  • Not use inappropriate Zero hours contracts
  • Support flexible working practices
  • Offer eligible employees all types of family leave
  • Encourage staff engagement
  • Invest in workforce development  
  • Oppose fire and re-hire practices