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Many events organised by Trust staff are held in the award winning Shetland Museum and Archives. This stunning building makes an excellent venue for a range of events, in addition to presenting an ever changing array of workshops, lectures and activities as part of the day to day service.

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  • Shetland Wool Week 2019

    Shetland Wool Week 2019 28 September to 06 October

    Shetland Wool Week 2019 will be the tenth year of this well established and incredibly popular celebration of Shetland sheep and textiles.

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  • Shetland Boat Week 2019

    Shetland Boat Week 2019 05 August to 11 August

    Shetland Boat Week is an inclusive community event which celebrates Shetland's rich maritime heritage, and the links this has with the contemporary industry

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  • Shetland Nature Festival 2019

    Shetland Nature Festival 2019 06 July to 14 July

    The Shetland Nature Festival is now a firm fixture in Shetland’s summer calendar and attracts locals and visitors alike.

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  • Public Drop-in - have your say

    21 May to 21 May

    Shetland Amenity Trust is looking to the future of Shetland’s natural and cultural heritage and the future work of the Trust itself.   They are now asking for feedback from groups, organisations and individuals on what the priorities should be for the Trust in the coming years.

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  • Old Scatness Tour Guide Training

    Old Scatness Tour Guide Training 16 April to 16 April

    Shetland Amenity Trust is offering tour guides in Shetland the opportunity to undertake site specific training for Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village.

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  • 2016 Pop-up Bookshop

    2016 Pop-up Bookshop 25 November to 27 November

    Pop in to the Shetland Amenity Trust office for the second annual Pop-up bookshop event - with the launch of the award winning Havera DVD.

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  • Pop-Up Bookshop

    Pop-Up Bookshop 28 November to 29 November

    Shetland Heritage Publications is very pleased to welcome visitors to come along and browse a real traditional bookshop, with a wide selection of Shetland themed titles, during Book Week Scotland.

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  • Peatland Restoration Events

    Peatland Restoration Events Peatland Restoration EventsZoom 19 September to 16 September

    This series of events offers a chance to see some practical peatland restoration at the MacKenzie apportionment in Cunningsburgh.

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  • Whats on at Old Scatness for Up Helly Aa

    Whats on at Old Scatness for Up Helly Aa 28 January to 28 January

    Up Helly Aa Opening Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village will be open on Wednesday 28th January from 10.30am. The last tour will take place at 3.00pm.

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  • Up Helly Aa opening at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse

    Up Helly Aa opening at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse 27 January to 28 January

    The Visitor Centre at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse will open during the Up Helly Aa celebrations on 27th and 28th January from 10am to 4pm each day with two events scheduled

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  • Origins of Up Helly Aa at Shetland Museum and Archives

    Origins of Up Helly Aa at Shetland Museum and Archives 24 January to 28 January

    Join one of our expert guides to discover the origins of Up Helly Aa through the modern day festivities.

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  • Geological Mapping Workshop

    Geological Mapping Workshop 27 August to 27 August

    The St Andrew's University Geobus project are visiting Shetland next week to do a number of educational workshops with high school pupils. One of the workshops will be at Braewick Beach and is open to the wider public.

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  • Sheeksin - Geopark Shetland

    Sheeksin - Geopark Shetland 11 March to 11 March

    Shetland Museum and Archives' monthly sheeksin session for March looks at Geopark Shetland. 3 billion years in the palm of your hand...

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  • Blanket Bog Course

    Blanket Bog Course 15 August to 17 August

    We are delighted to announce that we will be running a 3-day course on Blanket Bog with Richard Lindsay (one of Britain's foremost experts).

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  • Viking Congress

    Viking Congress 04 August to 04 August

    Shetland Amenity Trust is proud to host the 17th Viking Congress. This year, free tickets are available for a public day of lectures.

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  • Viking Unst Open in August

    Viking Unst Open in August 02 August to 31 August

    The reconstructed Longhouse and Longship, Skidbladner, will be open to the public at weekends during August.

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  • THING Project Presentation

    THING Project Presentation 22 June to 22 June

    Shetland Amenity Trust is presenting the activities and findings of the 3-year NPP funded THING Project at an event in Shetland Museum and Archives on Saturday 22 June.

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  • Viking Unst Book Launch

    Viking Unst Book Launch 04 May to 04 June

    There are two events planned to mark the launch of a comprehensive new publication on Viking life in Shetland - Viking Unst: Excavation and Survey in Northern Shetland 2006-2010.

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  • Divine Cat Comes to Shetland

    Divine Cat Comes to Shetland 09 August to 12 September

    Shetland Museum and Archives is proud to present the Gayer Anderson Cat, on loan from the British Museum thanks to the Spotlight Loans. The Cat will be on display in the foyer from 8th September.

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  • Earth Science Entertainment with Geopark Shetland

    Earth Science Entertainment with Geopark Shetland 01 January to 01 January

    Geopark Shetland is preparing to host a visit from the Tectonic Studies Group for an evening of earth science entertainment, aimed at all ages and levels of scientific understanding.

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