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Shetland is a Treasure Trove of archaeology, with over 8000 sites recorded in the Sites and Monuments Record.

Clickimin Broch Clickimin Broch Zoom Shetland Amenity Trust provides a county archaeology service on behalf of Shetland Islands Council, employing an Archaeologist, and Assistant Archaeologist. 

The Strategic aims of The Trust’s Archaeology Section are to:

  • Curate Shetland’s archaeology for the benefit of the public;
  • Develop Shetland’s archaeology as a resource for educational purposes and for the enjoyment of the public; and
  • Develop a world-class visitor centre at Old Scatness Broch.

Key tasks of this section include establishing and maintaining the Shetland Sites and Monuments Record, in addition to providing archaeological advice to support the Planning Service’s statutory development planning, and development management functions. The Archaeologist is responsible for securing the protection of sites, in support of the Council’s statutory duties.

Scord o Brouster Scord o Brouster Zoom
As a core function, and in line with Shetland Amenity Trust's overall strategic objectives, the Archaeology Team promote the development of Shetland’s archaeological resources through excavation, investigation, interpretation and promotion.