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Environmental Improvement
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Environmental Improvement

The Environmental Improvement Section of Shetland Amenity Trust is primarily responsible for a number of environmental enhancement initiatives and recycling projects throughout the isles, including:

  • Skeld Primary School at Da Voar Redd Up Skeld Primary School at Da Voar Redd UpZoomCoordination of Da Voar Redd Up, the UK’s largest community led Spring Clean. 
  • Coordination of Dunna Chuck Bruck, Shetland’s overarching environmental awareness initiative.
  • Delivering environmental workshops for Schools and Youth Groups.
  • Providing an Environmental Improvement Service, removing scrap vehicles and redundant agricultural machinery for recycling.
  • ZoomRecycling, including aluminium and steel cans and prime building materials.
  • Hosting and facilitating the biannual Shetland Environmental Awards.
  • Management of Carbon Reduction Shetland.