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Dunna Chuck Bruck


Originally launched in 1986, Dunna Chuck Bruck is Shetland's overarching environmental awareness initiative. The areas targeted under the original campaign were redundant vehicles and agricultural scrap, and the bruck which blighted ourshores following the winter storms. This was successfully reduced through initiatives such as Da Voar Redd Up, and the Trust's service to uplift redundant vehicles and machinery free of charge.

Dunna Chuck Bruck was re-launched in 2012 following requests from many community groups and local organisations. If you have any suggestions on areas which require actionor ideas on Local Support Local SupportZoomhow Shetland can tackle its current litter and environmental issues please contact us. We are particularly interested to hear from communities which would like assistance to enable them to carry out environmental projects

To keep up to date with the many local and national environmental initiatives check out the Dunna Chuck Bruck Facebook page.



Workshops for Schools and Youth Groups

Recycling Workshop Recycling WorkshopZoom

Workshops and talks focussing on litter and recycling are available to schools and youth groups. If you are interested in a visit please contact the Environmental Improvement Officer.

The Dunna Chuck Bruck Challenge

ZoomThis is an exciting opportunity for Schools and Youth Groups to run their own project, improving the environment, helping wildlife and making a positive difference to their community.

The Dunna Chuck Bruck Challenge is divided into three sections: Introduction & Discussion, Research and Activities, with a number of actions to choose from in each section so that you can adapt the Challenge to suit your group. The online pack contains lots of supporting materials including posters, factsheets, activity ideas and links to useful websites, all intended to aid discussion, inspire your group and help them gain their "I Completed The Dunna Chuck Challenge" badge and sticker sheet.

Are you ready to take on the Challenge?

Challenge Pack - Downloads

Information for Teachers

Dunna Chuck Bruck Challenge Outline

Litter Fact Sheet

Discussion Prompts

Litter Degradation Rates

Litter Degradation Rates - Additional info for teachers

Food Waste Audit Recording Chart

Dunna Chuck Bruck Scavenger Hunt

Recycled Craft Ideas

Recycling Card Game

Challenge Certificate