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Da Voar Redd Up

A successful Redd Up

Da Voar Redd Up is the UK's most successful community litter pick, with over 20% of Shetland’s population volunteering their time annually. This annual spring clean makes an invaluable contribution to Shetland's natural environment and wildlife, clearing Shetland's beaches, coastlines and roadsides of litter and the debris washed up by winter storms.

The 2020 Redd Up -POSTPONED

The 33rd annual Voar Redd Up has been postponed unitl the Autumn due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic - find out more on our news page.   


If your group took part in last year’s Redd Up your group contact will receive a registration form by email later in the year once a revised date has been set. If they have not received this email by October please contact the Trust to check we have your records. If you are a new group, please register your group online by visiting our Group Registration page.

Once registered, we will make up your group Redd Up pack, containing the items requested on your registration form and further information on taking part, and let your group contact know when it is ready for collection. Please remember to check our survey form before your redd up, so you know to tell your group what information is required, and fill in the form following your redd up.

You will receive a copy of the Redd Up guidelines and suggestions in your pack but if you would like further copies you can Download Redd Up Guidelines here.


We are asking existing groups if they are happy to welcome additional volunteers for their Redd Up.  If you would like to join an existing Redd Up please get in touch and we will let you know which groups you might be able to join.  Alternaitvely you can register a new group (see above).

The 2019 Redd Up

Da Voar Redd Up Thanks


Stuff to Look out for

If you’re participating in a coastal Redd Up keep an eye out for a number of things that can help us with research and also contribute to the 'Littoral Art Project.  Find out more here.

Group Sponsorship

Many of Shetland’s Community Councils support the Redd Up, and provide valuable funds to local groups, through providing sponsorship for groups carrying out Redd Ups in their area. To indicate that your group would like to request Community Council funding, please tick the appropriate box on your survey form and return to the Trust following your Redd Up.

Group sponsorship can also be raised from other sources, such as local businesses, as well as friends and family. To help with this we have designed a sponsor form, which can be downloaded. Download Sponsor Form.

Baltasound Junior High get involved Baltasound Junior High get involvedZoom Skeld Primary do the Voar Redd Up Skeld Primary do the Voar Redd UpZoom

Environmental schemes/awards

As well as providing an opportunity for your group to get together and improve your environment, we would like to remind businesses and school groups that taking part in Da Voar Redd Up can earn credit towards environmental schemes and awards, such as Eco-Schools and the Visit Scotland Green Tourism Business Scheme.

Young Scot Rewards

Young Scot card holders can collect reward points for taking part in Da Voar Redd Up, which can be redeemed for various items: https://rewards.youngscot.org/. To collect points, group contacts should e-mail the Trust confirming the names of the Young Scot card holders who took part in their Redd Up and we will issue electronic vouchers.

Dog Poo  

We have received a number of complaints from Redd Up groups regarding increasing occurrences of bagged and unbagged dog poo in their areas. Please do not collect this as it can contain hazardous bacteria and parasites, which can cause a wide range of issues, including fever, headaches, vomiting, kidney disorders and blindness.

 If you, or your community, would like to do more to tackle the problem, Environmental Health would be happy to speak with you and discuss options, such as becoming a dog watch area. Also, if you witness someone not picking up after their dog, and know the name of the dog owner, you can report them to Environmental Health. Their telephone number, to discuss options or report an offender, is 01595 745 250.

Following your Redd Up

Following your Redd Up it is very important to complete and return your survey form. As well as helping the Trust to evaluate the success of the Redd Up, it allows you to indicate if you would like to receive Community Council funding. In addition your feedback helps the Trust to secure funding for the initiative to continue. The survey form is available online here.

The Trust would also appreciate your Redd Up photos and stories for use in marketing the initiative. Please send these to info@shetlandamenity.org

To see pictures from previous years please visit the Voar Redd Up album on Facebook.

Please remember to send details of any Young Scot card holders who took part in your Redd Up to info@shetlandamenity.org so that we can issue rewards points.

What happens to your Redd Up Bruck?

We deploy a number of teams to collect your bruck from throughout the isles and the bruck is safely disposed of at the Shetland Islands Council Waste Management Facility.

Doing a Redd Up outwith the main weekend

There are an increasing number of Redd Up groups registered with the Trust, which target problem areas by carrying out mini Redd Ups throughout the year. If you would like to carry out a Redd Up outwith the main Redd Up weekend please contact us.

Voar Redd Up Sponsors

As well as the time taken to organise Da Voar Redd Up, Shetland Amenity Trust deploys a significant amount of resources to support the Redd Up volunteers, including many thousands of bags, children's gloves and safety vests, as well as teams to help gather the bruck during the main Redd Up weekend and the weekend after. The Trust would like to thank everyone who has supported Da 2019 Voar Redd Up, including Enquest, Sullom Voe Terminal, Augean North Sea Services, J.W. Gray & Co and, of course, all the volunteers without whom Da Voar Redd Up would not be the succes it is.  We also receive support from Shetland Islands Council with picking up the litter. 


Fair Isle Primary pupils excited to help with the Redd up Fair Isle Primary pupils excited to help with the Redd upZoom Westside Youth Club Westside Youth ClubZoom