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Shetland Amenity Trust plays a significant role in the interpretation of Shetland’s cultural heritage.  There are a number of resources in place offering interpretation of a wide range of subjects.

Shetland Museum and Archives logo Shetland Museum and Archives logoZoomBranding

Shetland Heritage and Culture has become a recognisable brand, which has been applied to a number of Shetland Amenity Trust projects and is an overarching brand for other initiatives and information relating to heritage and culture throughout Shetland.

Examples of how the branding has been expanded for use in other Trust projects as an overarching theme, can be seen in promotion materials including the logos for some of our other projects.


The interpretive leaflet suite covers all areas of Shetland and aspects of cultural heritage The interpretive leaflet suite covers all areas of Shetland and aspects of cultural heritage ZoomInterpretive Leaflets

Shetland Amenity Trust provide a suite of leaflets which give comprehensive interpretive information about every geographical area of Shetland, in addition to subjects such as geology, wildlife, plants, museums and heritage centres, and archaeology. There are also a range of trail leaflets which have been developed to allow the reader to take an informative walking tour while referring to the leaflet for information, points of interest and directions.

All of our interpretive leaflets are available to download from the Leaflet Suite on the Shetland Heritage and Culture information portal.

Example of an interpretive panel, positioned at Funzie Example of an interpretive panel, positioned at Funzie ZoomInterpretive Panels

There are many points of interest in Shetland, identified in the locale by interpretive panels placed by the Trust.  These panels are informative and graphical explanations of significant features or points of history. They are researched and erected through funding secured by the Trust and updated when required.  The panels cover most areas of the islands and are consistently designed with the Heritage and Culture branding.  In some areas, where signage would be obtrusive, the Trust is now taking advantage of modern technology to offer interpretation in the form of ‘Apps’ which can be downloaded to mobile devices and used for giving information, walking routes and tips.  This is currently being piloted though Geopark Shetland.

Heritage and Culture Web Portal

The Heritage and Culture Portal website is operated by Shetland Amenity Trust to give visitors a central point from which to navigate and find information on each area of Shetland’s history.