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Shetland Heritage Publications

Heritage Publications Titles Heritage Publications TitlesZoomShetland has an incredibly rich heritage and culture, which requires more significant and lengthy coverage than can be delivered in leaflets and interpretive signage.

To address this, Shetland Amenity Trust initiated a publishing section, known as Shetland Heritage Publications, which has published a wealth of books in the last ten years covering Shetland life, nature and heritage.

The first title, Rare Plants of Shetland was published in 2002.  Following books include subjects such as storytelling and folklore, traditional recipes,archaeology, and history.  One of the more recent publications was a joint project with Wool Week partners, producing a high quality publication of short stories about wool and textiles, written by Shetlanders.  The book was a perfect project for Shetland Heritage Publications, producing a real piece of Shetland history.

Shetland Heritage Publication titles can be purchased from local bookstores, and from the Shetland Heritage Shop.