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Our Team


Please contact staff as per the details below or you can find our general contact details here.


Chief Executive (Interim)

Hazel Sutherland - hazelsutherland1@shetlandamenity.org

Office Manager

Catrina Carter - Catrina.Carter@shetlandamenity.org

Admin Officer

Shona Fullerton - shona.fullerton@shetlandamenity.org 

Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Chris Gadsby - chris.gadsby@shetlandamenity.org


Contact finance@shetlandamenity.org

Communications & Publications 

Victoria Tait - victoria.tait@shetlandamenity.org 

Digital Communications 

Kirsty Farquhar - kirsty.farquhar@shetlandamenity.org 


Vicky Armstrong - Vicky.Armstrong@shetlandamenity.org

Camping Böds & Lighthouse Accommodation

Contact info@shetlandamenity.org

 Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage Manager

Mhari McLeman - mhari.mcleman@shetlandamenity.org

Natural Heritage Officer

Rory Tallack - rory.tallack@shetlandamenity.org 

Natural Heritage Officer

Logan Johnson - logan.johnson@shetlandamenity.org 

Natural Heritage Officer 

Rebecca Jackson - rebecca.jackson@shetlandamenity.org

Woodlands Team Leader

Paul Goddard - Paul.Goddard@shetlandamenity.org

Woodlands Assistant

Georgia Smith - Georgia.Smith@shetlandamenity.org 

Peatland ACTION Officer

Sue White - Sue.White@shetlandamenity.org

Peatland ACTION Officer

Ash-Lynn Tavener - Ash.Tavener@shetlandamenity.org

Access Ranger

Howard Towll - Howard.Towll@shetlandamenity.org

Sumburgh Head Lighthouse & Visitor Centre Site Manager

Jane Outram - jane.outram@shetlandamenity.org 

Shetland UNESCO Global Geopark

Contact info@shetlandamenity.org

Car Scrappage

Contact info@shetlandamenity.org

Dunna Chuck Bruck & Da Voar Redd Up

Contact info@shetlandamenity.org

 Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Manager

Jacqui Birnie - jacqui.birnie@shetlandamenity.org 

Cultural Heritage Officer

Eileen Brooke-Freeman - eileen.brooke-freeman@shetlandamenity.org 

Exhibitions Officer

Karen Clubb - karen.clubb@shetlandamenity.org 

Regional Archaeologist

Val Turner - Val.Turner@shetlandamenity.org

Archivist (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Brian Smith - Brian.Smith@shetlandamenity.org

Archives Assistant (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Mark Smith - Mark.Smith@shetlandamenity.org

Archives Assistant (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Angus Johnson - Angus.Johnson@shetlandamenity.org

Curator (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Ian Tait - Ian.Tait@shetlandamenity.org

Curator and Community Museums (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Carol Christiansen - CarolChristiansen@shetlandamenity.org

Lifelong Learning (Shetland Museum & Archives)


Visitor Services (Shetland Museum & Archives)

Ailish Parham - Ailish.Parham@shetlandamenity.org

Shetland Museum & Archives - General

Contact info@shetlandamenity.org

Shetland Wool Week

Contact woolweek@shetlandamenity.org