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The role of a Trustee

What is the role of a Trustee?

Charity Trustees are the people in overall control and management of a charity.  They are responsible for the charity's governance and strategy, and  for making sure that the charity is administered effectively. They must account for its activities and outcomes.

Find out more about our work at https://www.shetlandamenity.org/about-us 

The Scottish Charity Regulator provides information and advice on the roles and resonsibities of a Trustee, find out more at: https://www.oscr.org.uk/managing-a-charity/trustee-duties

Since its establishment in 1983, the Shetland Amenity Trust has vigorously pursued a range of activities in order to achieve its charitable objects, which focus on the conservation and improvement of Shetland’s built, natural and cultural heritage and the improvement of public access to, and understanding of, that heritage.  Much of this work has been undertaken in partnership with local, national and international agencies and the trust has attracted many millions of pounds in external funding, generating jobs and incomes in Shetland. 


Do you care about Shetland’s heritage?

From time to time we are looking for new Trustees to help lead us, and our heritage, into the future - see our vacancies section for details.  As a Trustees you are in the position to lead SAT into a new era and help to deliver our mission to safeguard Shetland’s natural and cultural heritage and to make it accessible and enjoyed by all. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills or hone existing ones, it can be both rewarding and challenging, and is a great way to make a difference and to help safeguard and enhance our heritage.

For more information please contact info@shetlandamenity.org or call us on 01595 694688.