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Carbon Reduction Shetland
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Carbon Reduction Shetland

ZoomAbout Carbon Reduction Shetland

Carbon Reduction Shetland was formed by Shetland Amenity Trust in April 2008. Funding from The Climate Challenge Fund allowed the Trust to carry out a range of local carbon reduction initiatives between 2008 and 2012. Many of these local initiatives are now being co-ordinated by other local agencies. 

As an island community we are particularly susceptible to the affects of climate change. Carbon Reduction Shetland is an initiative designed to inform and advise all aspects of the Shetland community on how to reduce their own carbon footprints.


"I wish this initiative well and hope it will be a real success story, offering savings for individuals, showcasing simple energy efficiency measures and educating and empowering the public to take decisive action."
Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment 


"Carbon Reduction Shetland has a vitally important job to do. We can all act individually to cut our own carbon footprint, while collectively making a worthwhile contribution to tackling climate change."
Tavish Scott, MSP for Shetland