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Mapping Place Names

Plotting place names using GIS Plotting place names using GISZoomThe Shetland Place Names Database is linked to an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS), enabling names to be mapped quickly and accurately.  This system is key to the process of entering and presenting the names we record.  Once collected the place names are plotted into the GIS system based on the locations provided by informants, giving an accurate grid reference for each name.  The names are then imported into the Shetland Place Names Database, where extra information can be added.  The completed data is then exported back into the GIS, which creates a layer of place names information on top of digital Shetland mapping.

Place Names are layered onto digital maps Place Names are layered onto digital mapsZoomDigital mapping is a powerful tool for displaying and searching data. Using digital maps we can tailor how information is displayed, for example:

  • presenting layers of information, gathered from different sources;
  • displaying a snapshot of names used at different time periods;
  • creating maps based on the specific searches previously mentioned, for example all the names for one village, or all names containing a particular element.