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Place Names Database

Once the place names have been recorded they are entered into the Shetland Place Names Database. The database includes fields for linguistic, historical, geographical and geological analysis of place names in their environment. It is linked to the Scottish  Place Names Database, held by the University of Edinburgh Department of Celtic and Scottish Studies

Database entry for  Klingra Banks, Fladdabister Database entry for Klingra Banks, FladdabisterZoomPossible database searches include:

  • all the names for a particular area;
  • all occurrences of a particular feature e.g. all mills, skerries or baas;
  • all names that include a specific linguistic element e.g. all borg or staðr names.

The database includes a field for a 10 figure grid reference, allowing every name to be accurately pinpointed on a map. This enables us to link the database to an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS), with which we can display and search names using accurate digital mapping.

Database search for all records of bass (sunken underwater rocks) Database search for all records of bass (sunken underwater rocks)Zoom