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Place Name recording at the Unst Show Place Name recording at the Unst ShowZoomThe Shetland Place Names Project works closely with local community groups to promote and record Shetland's place names. We have worked with several history groups to help them record names from their local area.

We attend events such as:

  • WRVS meetings
  • SWRI meetings
  • Sunday Teas
  • Country Shows
  • Day Care clubs
  • Conferences


Helping Uyeasound bairns interpret names Helping Uyeasound bairns interpret namesZoomThe project has held a number of place name sessions in primary schools. Children have used old maps to locate houses and other features. Place name analysis allows them to explore where the Vikings may have lived, or where you might find a broch. To understand more about the meaning of place names, activities have included naming their own homes using Viking traditions, and drawing and annotating maps of the places where they play. We have also contributed to Viking and Old Scatness resource packs.



Skerries School studied Place Names as part of their Eco Schools project Skerries School studied Place Names as part of their Eco Schools projectZoomThe Shetland Place Names Project can help individuals and local housing authorities find names for new houses and developments. Where information exists we supply lists of names for the surrounding area, helping with the selection of the most suitable name.

We also respond to a range of individual enquiries about Shetland Place Names. Please contact us with your enquiry.