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Burn of the Twa-roes

This plantation is overlapping the boundary of the North Roe Site of Special Scientific Interest, along the Burn of Twa-Roes, tributary to Burn of Roerwater. This site was developed in 1998/1999 as part of the Millennium Forest for Scotland project. It is a one and half hectare site featuring only native trees known to grow or have grown in Shetland, and is especially important for Shetland juniper population. Since the grazing pressure was excluded, juniper plants recolonised the site, thanks to their resilient root system, and now can be admired along the side of the burn. This is one of the juniper hot-spots after Fair Isle and Muckle Roe. The plantation can be accessed via a path by the road leading to Collafirth station. The path is not accessible by vehicle. Alternatively, the plantation can reached by hiking along the Burn of Roerwater.

Enjoy the view of a wilder Shetland. You will not find a high and thick canopy cover, but you will be able to experience a snapshot of our historic landscape. Have a browse and try to observe how the biodiversity changes from one side of the fence to the other!

Size: 1.5 hectare
Features:  burn and waterfall