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Other woodland areas


Kergord includes the oldest and largest group of woodlands in Shetland, first planted in the early 20th Century. The area certainly has Shetland’s tallest trees, with Sitka spruce approximately 20m tall; there are many mature Japanese larch, sycamore, some Noble fir, Wych elm, ash, whitebeam and Horse chestnut. Recent additions include birch, rowan and alder, and specimens of oak, Southern beech, Japanese cedar, and Oriental rowans and maple. 


How to get there


A community woodland was planted from 2001 onwards, along the west and north shores of the Loch of Clickimin in Lerwick. This again features native trees, predominantly birch of Icelandic origin, alder and Shetland native willow.


Originally an experimental shelterbelt first planted in 1953 with Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine, the site began to suffer progressive windblow in the 1980s. The Trust has cleared most of this, and planted extensions on either sided in 1995-6, composed of a mixture of broadleaves in a matrix of conifer ‘nurse’ species. These have grown so well that some judicious thinning out is required. 

Lunga Water

Situated between Walls and Sandness, this mixed open woodland is a welcome stop on the west side.

And even more woodlands

For more locations and more information, please visit the woodland guide from the Shetland Community Wildlife Group. You will be able to download a leaflet that describe the different woodlands and how to get there!