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Working together

A project we delivered in 2022 was an outreach partnership between our cultural and natural heritage teams and pupils from the nearby Dunrossness Primary School. Over four afternoons we introduced pupils to the history of the traditional 19th century thatched crofthouse; and explained the importance of Shetland biodiversity and how we can all support it. Together we rolled up our sleeves and planted native trees (Eared Willow, Common Alder, Downy Birch) and plants (Thrift, Honeysuckle, Juniper, Orchids, Scabious, Primroses and Dog Roses) in the Peerie Garden and Lower field and created wildlife refuges for bees, birds, butterflies and bugs! Find our more about the project here - Bringing biodiversity and history into the (outdoors) classroom

Get in touch

To find out more about school project opportunities email or phone us on 01595 694688



Collecting and sowing birch seed