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Crofter / Landowner

Tenants and landowners can apply for grants to plant new areas of woodland in Shetland. Depending on the project different schemes can be accessed. See the leaflet 'Crofting and Woodlands in Shetland' on the Advice and Resources  page for more details.  

Woodland created at Loch of Voe


The Woodland Trust - MOREwoods Grant Scheme

The Woodland team has worked with the Woodland Trust iver 5 years to deliver their grant locally. We support the development of the proejct and deliver the application. You can read more on the Woodland Trust website or contact us for more information.

Forestry Grant Scheme - Northern and Western Isles Woodland Creation

The Woodlands team acts as an agent for the Forestry Commission in advising and assessing potential sites for this grant scheme which is part of theScottish Rural Development Programme.  A detailed set of guidance notes have been produced to help applicants through this process, and further advice can be given if required.