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Community groups

Free Tree Packs from the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust offers free tree packs, as part of their national campaign to plant hundreds of thousands of trees throughout the UK. Trees are available to order in a number of different pack sizes, up to 400 trees. Shetland Amenity Trust will help to select the right species and provide information on how to plant and take care of the saplings.

For more information or to apply for your free tree pack, contact Gordon Cumming at GordonCumming@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Managing your community woodland

Shetland Amenity Trust is supportive of community group who are looking at developing new community woodlands. Assistance to find funding, scope the project and seek required permission can be offered. If you would like to take on the maintenance of a woodland in your area as a community group, please contact us. We will always seek to support the community were we can!