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Shetland Biological Records Centre
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Shetland Biological Records Centre

Welcome to Shetland Biological Records Centre

Red-throated Diver Red-throated DiverZoomShetland Biological Records Centre (SBRC) was established in 1998 by Shetland Amenity Trust to gather information on Shetland’s biodiversity; to develop an understanding of its importance, and to make it easily accessible to a wide range of people and organisations. 

The Record Centre's function is to assist relevant organisations, agencies, businesses and the general public to safeguard Shetland's rich natural heritage.  This is delivered by providing, where possible, accurate and complete information about Shetland's fauna, flora, habitats and geology to those parties whose activities may impact on the natural heritage; and by raising awareness of, and promoting interest in, Shetland's natural heritage.

In April 2009, we entered the 200,000th record into our database.  Now, with 234,000 records, we are close to reaching the quarter of a million mark!

SBRC's aims are:

  • Shetland Mouse-ear Hawkweed Shetland Mouse-ear HawkweedZoomto gather all available information on Shetland's natural heritage (including habitats, wildlife sites, and as many species of animals and plants as possible), and collect new information to fill gaps in existing knowledge
  • to provide information for conservation, planning, business, research, education and the general public
  • to promote and support systematic biological recording within Shetland
  • to help conserve Shetland's environment, and raise awareness of its biodiversity, by providing up-to-date and accurate information
  • to help conserve Shetland's geodiversity and to continue to uphold Shetland's status as a geopark

Nature in Shetland

Nature in Shetland is a non-profit site which was created in 1996 to gather and share information on all aspects of Shetland's natural history. Please send all bird sightings (other than those associated with SBRC surveys) to administrator@nature-shetland.co.uk where they will be added to the site and the annual Shetland bird report, published by Shetland Bird Club.  Details of daily sightings can be found on their website and Facebook page.