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Data Request Service

The data that we collate is available to anyone from academic institutions and consultants, to community groups and the general public. This is a free service except where data are to be used for commercial purposes.

Contact us if you would like to make a request for data.


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SBRC has produced several leaflets to help you to identify and record insects and animals which you may see around the islands. These are available to download as PDFs below. For more information check out the surveys page.


Shetland Heritage Publications has produced a number of books, including titles on plants and lichens in Shetland.

Shetland Lichens - Kery Dalby and Claire Dalby (BUY)

Rare Plants of Shetland - Walter Scott, Paul Harvey, Roger Riddington and Morag Fisher (BUY)

Books and Equipment

SBRC has an extensive collection of books and other literature which you are welcome to browse. If you like, books from our library can be borrowed on short-term loans.

For anyone looking to increase their knowledge of a subject, it may be possible to use or borrow equipment such as nets, pots, hand lenses, etc. to help with field work. Microscopes are available for use in our office on request. Contact us for more information.