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New Surveys

Shetland Bumblebee Survey 2014

Bumblebees are an important pollinator and thus a key part of the natural environment. We have a good knowledge of their distribution in Shetland, but it is unclear how each species is faring. By taking part in this straightforward survey you could help us to find out about the health of our bumblebee populations. Click the link below to download our survey sheet and find out how you can take part.

Bumblebee Survey Sheet

Survey Leaflets

Shetland Biological Records Centre has a number of ongoing surveys for which we are always grateful of records.  We have created several leaflets below to help you to contribute. These are available to download as PDFs below:



Land Mammals

Marine Plants

Nature's Calendar

Nesting Birds and the Redd Upp

Rocky Shore Animals

Other Surveys

Shetland Breeding Bird Survey

Oystercatcher OystercatcherZoomIn 2002, the Shetland Biological Records Centre, in conjunction with the Shetland Bird Club, launched a Breeding Bird Survey (BBS). The primary objective of this survey is to enable us to assess the population trends of our more common breeding song birds and waders. 36 people participated in its first year covering a total of 49 1km squares increasing to 55 observers and 85 squares covered in 2009.

To complete a survey square requires just two morning visits each of about an hour. Observers select their own squares so please, if you feel you can contribute then contact SBRC.

Results from the 2008 survey can be seen here


Frog FrogZoomSoon after SBRC was founded back in 1998 we launched a Shetland-wide frog survey which was widely contributed to by members of the public. Click here to see a map of Common Frog records from Shetland. 

As you can see from the map, although frogs are widespread across Shetland there are still large areas where there have been no reports. We still welcome all records of frogs or frogspawn, especially from areas where they are yet to be recorded. 

It’s now even easier to send us your records

Just fill in the online recording form