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Excavation Sites
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Excavation Sites

Hamar Excavations Hamar ExcavationsZoom


The longhouse, Hamar 1, has been consolidated and fenced so that visitors can see it today, at any time of year.  Grey gravel provides an even floor surface whilst red gravel outlines the drains, pit house and hearth.  An interpretive board shows what the longhouse may have looked like. (Please shut the gate to keep cattle out – thank you)

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Underhoull Excavations Underhoull ExcavationsZoom


Underhoull Upper House has been built up to display the shape and features of the structures better. 

The small stones inside the walls represent those on which the sprung floor sat. The interpretive board shows the longhouse in use.  The site is easy to get to, being close to the road, and is accessed over a stile (or through a gate a little to the north).

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Belmont Excavations Belmont ExcavationsZoom


This site has not been fully excavated.  The excavation was undertaken in such a way as to preserve buildings and walls during the excavation, whilst retrieving archaeological and environmental information. The site has been lightly covered to protect the unexcavated archaeological deposits.  The site is protected with geotextile and the walls are clearly defined.  The site is situated in the hill.  Visitors need to cross a boggy area to get to it and view the site and interpretive board. 

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