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Protect the environment and those who care for it - take your litter home

Published: 02 June 2020

Litter at SpiggieAs the organisers of Da Voar Redd Up and the Dunna Chuck Bruck campaign we are urging people now more than ever to take their litter home with them, both to keep Shetland tidy and to protect those who pick up litter during Covid-19.

With the slight easing of lockdown last weekend and the glorious weather more people have been visiting our beaches and outdoor spaces.  In some places this has given rise to more litter being left behind, ranging from beer cans to dog poo bags left hanging on fenceposts.  Disposable plastic gloves, used tissues and face masks have also been spotted on roadsides and pavements.  We are asking people to take even more care with their litter at this time to ensure they take it home with them and to ensure that they are not exposing those who pick up the litter to additional risk from the virus.

Sandy Middleton, Head of Engagement at the Shetland Amenity Trust said, “The vast majority of people in Shetland do take their litter home with them and thankfully we have seen nothing like the scenes on the mainland where country parks and beaches have been strewn with litter, bottles, disposable cups and more.  There have been a number of reports over the weekend, however, of increased littering which is very sad. 

People in Shetland really value their beautiful environment and a growing number of people are picking up litter when out for their daily walks and they continue to clean up their local beaches.  It is great to see people taking such pride in their surroundings but unfortunately every bit of litter they collect may carry an invisible risk – no matter what it is.”

People who do pick up litter are asked to take extra care and to wear gloves, use litter pickers if they have them, and of course to wash your hands.  For those that continue to drop litter and to leave their dog poo bags behind, you are asked to take it home with you and stop ruining our environment and putting those who care for it at risk.