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The Architectural Heritage Team carry out a range of project work both for Shetland Amenity Trust activities, and other community groups, including Shetland Islands Council.

Specialist Skills

Many projects require specialist skills Many projects require specialist skillsZoomThe skills displayed within the Architectural Heritage Team are the result of careful recruitment and specialised training. They are specifically selected, and suited to the projects which the team carry out, both on behalf of the Trust, and for other organisations.

Shetland Amenity Trust is routinely approached by public and private groups and individuals regarding any project or repair work which requires the specialist skills of craftsmen such as stonemasons. The Architectural Heritage Team includes two of the six fully qualified stonemasons in Shetland. The others are employed by Historic Scotland, who do not accept commercial contract work in Shetland.

Other specialist skills held by the team members include leadworking, lath and plaster work, lime plastering, wood carving, and expert carpentry. The team also covers more contemporary trades such as plumbing and electrical work.