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Shetland Heritage Accommodation

Shetland Amenity Trust offers two types of heritage holiday accommodation throughout Shetland.  The Camping Böd Network and Lighthouse Holiday properties have all been selected for their historical value and connections with the local areas.

Nesbister Camping Böd Nesbister Camping BödZoomThe sixteen properties are owned by Shetland Amenity Trust and are maintained by the Architectural Heritage Team, who have also been responsible for restoring several of the buildings.

There are nine Camping Böds throughout Shetland, located from Sumburgh in the south mainland, to the northern isles of Yell and Fetlar.  The network provides low cost accommodation in spectacular settings and truly unique buildings.  Facilities are basic, and whilst some properties have hot water and showers, some do not even have electricity. 

For more details visit the website.


Bressay self catering Lighthouse accommodation Bressay self catering Lighthouse accommodationZoomThe Trust also owns former Keepers cottages at three of Shetland’s lighthouses, each of which was designed by a member of the famous ‘Stevenson’ family.  These cottages provide self-catering holiday accommodation in four cottages.  The refurbished kitchen at Sumburgh The refurbished kitchen at SumburghZoomThe cottage at Sumburgh Lighthouse is now available after a major refurbshment as part of the £5.4 million redevelopment of the Sumburgh Head area.   

For further details and to check availability on Lighthouse Holiday accommodation, visit the Shetland Lighthouse Holidays website.