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App acknowledgements
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App acknowledgements

Geology course, South Mainland Geology course, South MainlandZoomWe hope that you will enjoy the Geopark Shetland app. 

We would like to thank Allen Fraser of Shetland Geotours, Jonathan Swale of Scottish Natural Heritage, Dr Hazel Prichard of Cardiff University and the Scottish Geodiversity Forum for geological advice and information.

We would like to thank all those listed below for the images used in this app. Some images are subject to copyright. Contact us for details.

  • Shetland Amenity Trust
  • Shetland Museum and Archives
  • Shetland Geotours
  • Seabirds-and-Seals
  • Bronze Age Bressay
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NASA
  • Dr Hazel Prichard
  • Jonathan Swale
  • Davy Cooper
  • Lauren Doughton
  • Roger Riddington
  • Mike McDonnell
  • Wendy Dickson
  • Paul Whitworth
  • Janvier Philippe
  • Andrew Cooper
  • W. L. Tarbert
  • P.W. Lipman
  • Wikimedia Commons.