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Training Courses
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Training Courses

Each year SBRC provides training courses which are open to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Shetland’s biodiversity. These expert-led courses have proved to be very popular in the past and many new species have been added to the Shetland list as a result.

NEW! - 2015 Training Courses

Autumn Birds - 5th & 6th September

Don't know your Chiffchaffs from Chaffinches, or your Wheatears from Whinchats? Then this course is for you! We hope to see plenty of Shetland's common migrants and, if we're lucky, a few scarce and rare species too. The course will be led by Paul Harvey of Shetland Biological Records Centre.

Shetland's wild flowers - 3rd & 4th august

This course, led by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI), will focus on the identification of Shetland's wild flowers, while contributing to the BSBI Atlas 2020.

All courses cost £40 per person including all transport from Lerwick. For more information or to book your place, call 01595 694688 or email paul@shetlandamenity.org

2014 Training Courses

An Introduction to Intertidal & Inshore Marine Animals - 9th - 10th August

This two-day course will be led by local marine expert Rachel Shucksmith.

Autumn Birds - 7th September & 19th October

To cover as wide a range of species as possible, we'll be running this two-day course on two Sundays, 6 weeks apart, rather than over a single weekend. However, it may be possible to attend one day only if the other is not convenient. We hope to see plenty of Shetland's common migrants as well as a few scarce and rare species. The course will be led by Paul Harvey of Shetland Biological Records Centre.

2013 Training Courses

Sphagnum Moss Sphagnum MossZoomBlanket Bog 3-Day Course -15th - 17th August

We are delighted to announce that we will be running a 3-day course on Blanket Bog with Richard Lindsay (one of Britain’s foremost experts).

The course will cover the identification of plants associated with blanket bogs, including looking at Sphagnum mosses in the field (for those that are brave enough!), blanket bog ecology, assessment of quality of blanket bogs and the impacts of land-use on blanket bog. In short, there should be something for everyone and we can tailor the course a little if anyone has specific areas that they would like to cover.

Past Training Courses

For a list of past training courses, click here.