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The Incoming Project


Aug 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Raman Mundair's book 'Incoming - Some Shetland Voices' is now available in PDF format for download here.




The Incoming Project aims to document stories of recent migrants to Shetland and place these experiences alongside the rich history of migration and settlement in the Shetland Islands and the records and evidence of migration held by the Shetland Museum and Archives.

In recent years Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Burmese and East European people, among others, have made their homes in the Shetland Islands and play a new and important part in island society and are re-shaping traditional ideas of who is a ‘Shetlander’.

The word ‘incomer’ is a provocative term used in Shetland to differentiate native Shetlanders from those who have come to the islands from elsewhere. The title of the project came from the artist herself being referred to as an incomer and her interest in exploring who an ‘incomer’ is in Shetland today. Interviewees participated in the project through an open call, whereby they self-identified as ‘incomers’ or were personally approached by the artist.

The Incoming project has recorded the voices and narratives of some of these people and this oral history will be held in the Shetland Archives and available for all to access. This interactive map on this website offers a flavour of some of the voices, stories, histories and information that has been gathered during this nine month project.

The concept of migration as an ongoing process and of continuous incoming is a key aspect of the project. The Incoming Project is neither an academic nor a comprehensive study on the subject of migration and settlement.

‘Incoming’ is an interdisciplinary creative project devised by writer Raman Mundair, in collaboration with and hosted by Shetland Archives. It was made possible as a result of a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence award.

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