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The HINT Project
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The HINT Project

Smart Phone visual 1. Copyright ZolkC. Smart Phone visual 1. Copyright ZolkC.ZoomAs the lead partner of Geopark Shetland, Shetland Amenity Trust, in conjunction with the Geopark Shetland Working Group, continues to raise awareness of Shetland’s geology, consolidate Shetland's membership of the European and Global Geoparks Networks and develop projects linked to Shetland’s geological heritage.

The Geopark Shetland Action Plan 2011-14 includes interpretation at sites of geological interest, activities to support lifelong learning and development of partnership projects with other members of the EGN/GGN.

Smart Phone visual 2. Copyright ZolkC. Smart Phone visual 2. Copyright ZolkC.ZoomHeritage Interpretation Using New Technologies

Geopark Shetland has completed a number of trails and exhibits throughout the islands. While there is scope to create further on-site interpretation of this kind, there are opportunities to move into new kinds of interpretation and take a more experimental approach.

Shetland Amenity Trust is working with ZolkC to develop an app for Android and iPhone based around Geopark Shetland. Google maps accessed via the phone will be populated with information about geosites throughout Shetland. The app will make a range of audio visual content available to the local community and tourists, helping them to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Shetland and enjoy the Shetland environment.

The project is a pilot that forms part of a wider transnational project with partners from several Geoparks and aspiring Geoparks. The purpose of the cooperation project (known as the HINT project) is to explore the possibilities for Heritage Interpretation using New Technologies. Each partner is developing a specific pilot using smartphone, wifi or bluetooth technology. Through the cooperation partners will share ideas and develop knowledge and expertise in this field.

A web-based guide to best practice will be produced to help others who wish to develop similar projects in their area.

The project is funded by Shetland LEADER, Scottish Natural Heritage and Shetland Amenity Trust.  For more information on this project, please visit the HINT project website.