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Skidbladner Longship Relocated

Published: 13 February 2013

Skidbladner is transported by crane Skidbladner is transported by craneZoomThe Viking Unst replica longship, Skidbladner was last week moved to it's permanent location, adjacent to the newly constructed Longhouse.

Previously, the longship was located on the beach where it was placed when it originally arrived in 2006.  This was always intended to be a temporary location until the replica Longhouse was completed at which point the Skidbladner was due to be located on the other side of the building, on Shetland Amenity Trust owned land.

Crane operators Peterson SBS carried out the move, assisted by a team from the Trust's Architectural Heritage section.  The safety aspect of the move was of paramount importance and, while the road was closed for a time, the operation was successful.

The Skidbladner rests in it's new position The Skidbladner rests in it's new positionZoomThe Longship is now in it's new position, giving passers by a striking view of the prow with the Longhouse in the background.

Opening times for Viking Unst this summer will be reviewed and announced on the Shetland Amenity Trust website in due course.