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Shetland Wool Week 2021 hat pattern launched

Published: 01 January 1970

Da Crofter's Kep: the official SWW hat for 2021


The much-anticipated Shetland Wool Week hat pattern for 2021 has been launched today. The hat is called ‘Da Crofter’s Kep’ and has been designed by SWW patron for a second year, Wilma Malcolmson.

Typically the SWW hat is synonymous with the announcement of the new patron for the year. Due to the cancellation of last year’s physical event, the SWW committee invited Wilma Malcolmson to continue her role for 2021.

‘Da Crofter’s Kep’ features traditional Shetland motifs and has been designed in five distinctly different colourways using Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith; Jamieson’s of Shetland; Uradale Yarns; Shetland Handspun; and Foula Wool.

SWW patron, Wilma Malcolmson wearing 'Da Crofter's Kep'


Wilma Malcolmson said: “I was honoured to be asked to stay on as the SWW patron for a second year, but I knew I would have a challenge on my hands coming up with another Wool Week hat design. It has been quite overwhelming to see how many of the ‘Katie’s Kep’, my hat design for 2020, have been knitted by so many people from all around the world.

“This time I knew that I wanted to pay tribute to my father Tammy Fraser. He was a crofter who worked the land throughout his life. Although this involved long days, difficult times and many struggles, he loved what he did and I remember the great pride he had in his achievements.

“So, just as ‘Katie’s Kep’ was a tribute to my mother and all the knitters like her, ‘Da Crofter’s Kep’ is my way of honouring the people who work the land here in Shetland. For generations, and in all weathers, their commitment to their land and livestock has ensured that families are provided for and this special way of life has not been lost. Without them there would be no Shetland sheep, no wool and no yarn … imagine that!”

The organisers of Shetland Wool Week said: “We are delighted that Wilma has agreed to stay on as SWW patron and it was important that we have a new hat pattern for the year as the hat is the common bond for the event. Whilst it is disappointing that we have had to cancel the physical event again, we are determined to keep the event running in the best way that we can. Currently we are developing plans to build on the success of last year’s virtual Wool Week with a programme of online talks, interviews and classes.

“We are grateful to all our sponsors who have continued to support us throughout this difficult time. Shetland Wool Week is a fantastic example of how local heritage, industry and community can work together in partnership. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to SWW in person again, but for now we are happy to be able to share some of Shetland’s crofting and textiles skills, expertise and knowledge with thousands of people in their sitting rooms around the world.”

The pattern is available to download for free from the SWW website.

A range of Shetland Wool Week merchandise has been launched today and is available on theWool Week shop. All proceeds go back to securing the future of the SWW event.