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Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd Leases Enviroglass

Published: 18 April 2017

ZoomShetland Amenity Trust is pleased to announce that its glass recycling enterprise, Enviroglass has been leased to a local family business experienced in the precast industry.

Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd started producing precast paving for use in their projects over a year ago but quickly found there was a demand for locally produced paving and outgrew the premises they were in at Quarff. At the same time Shetland Amenity Trust was considering its options with regard to running the Enviroglass site and the possibility of leasing it to Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd was explored.

Sita Goudie, Environmental Improvement Officer at the Shetland Amenity Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd. Their experience in the precast industry, and ability to offer supply and laying of the pavers will greatly improve the service which can be offered by Enviroglass.”

Along with their own products, Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd will supply all of the products previously produced by Enviroglass, including its 100% recyclged glass aggregates and 80% recycled glass paving, as well as take on all of Enviroglass existing customers.

Bobby Roberts, Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd, said: “Working with the Shetland Amenity Trust is a fantastic opportunity for us and gives us the ability to scale our business far faster than we could have on our own. While we are a very experienced groundworks company, our precasting is a relatively new addition but took off far faster than we had imagined. We quickly outgrew our old premises and were producing our pavers the old fashioned way. This site at Cunningsburgh not only gives us more room but also all the equipment to mechanise and scale up precast production, as well as the ability to produce new aggregate products – garden glass, all in and shotblast.”

The Enviroglass name will still be used, alongside that of Shetland Precast & Groundworks Ltd, to highlight which products are produced using recycled glass. Contact details for Enviroglass will also remain the same Website: www.enviroglass.co.uk; e-mail: info@enviroglass.co.uk; tel: 01950 477666.