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Climate change affects us all and your pupils will be making the important decisions of the future. Shrinking your schools carbon footprint can reduce your running costs, improve your eco credentials and demonstrate the importance of carbon reduction to your students.

ZoomEngage your students in energy reduction

Get your students to record the schools energy consumption and consider where the most energy is being used as well as ways in which they could save energy. You may be surprised at some of the energy saving ideas they come up with.

Encourage students to undertake appropriate energy saving tasks. As well as making students aware of their energy consumption, you will be amazed how much energy and money the school can save.

Some of our suggested actions include:

  • Turn off any lights and lamps that aren’t needed, and always switch off lights if they are the last to leave the room.
  • Turn off monitors, computers and TVs when not in use.
  • Only print when necessary and double-sided when possible.
  • Turn off taps fully and report any leaky taps so they can be fixed.
  • If they live close by, walk or cycle to school rather than getting a lift.
  • Reuse and recycle wherever possible.


Launched in 2011, The Schools Global Footprint is a wonderful online resource for schools who would like to do more to reduce their global footprint.