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Promote Shetland

Promote Shetland

Shetland Amenity Trust is contracted by Shetland Islands Council to promote Shetland to the world. The team at Promote Shetland are tasked with this role, directed by the main strategic objective to project Shetland on the world stage as an authentic, creative and highly desirable place to visit, live, study or do business with.

A comprehensive Marketing Strategy was introduced in 2010 by Shetland Islands Council. One significant objective was to develop and deliver destination marketing initiatives that enhance the recognition and reputation of Shetland's name and give priority to agriculture, energy, food and drink, telecommunications, textiles and tourism.

The focus of the Promote Shetland Team is to capture every aspect of Shetland life and use this to project a vibrant, progressing community where everyone has a wider part to play in encouraging trade, talent, inward investment and tourism.

Promote Shetland uses a number of different resources to communicate the benefits of living and working in Shetland. Visit the website and sign up to the mailing list for regular news and updates. Subscribe to 60 North Online Magazine for articles, stories and images. 'Like' the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.