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Peatland Action Day

Sandy Locah Peatland RestorationA healthy peatland acts like a massive battery which stores carbon.  When vegetation is eroded and the peat is exposed to the elements it releases carbon, contributing to Climate Change.  Much of Shetland’s peatlands are degraded and emit a huge amount of CO2.  It is possible, however, to restore our peat bogs and the Shetland Amenity Trust, with funding from SNH Peatland Action, have been tackling several sites throughout Shetland.

The Trust are working with Scottish Water at Sandy Loch Reservoir near Lerwick to restore the peat in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the quality of the drinking water.  The Trust are inviting people to come along to the site at Sandy Loch on Friday to find out more about the valuable role that peatlands play in our climate and to help with ongoing work to restore the peatbog.

The event will take place from 10am to 3pm at the Sandy Loch site.  Participants can meet at the South Road end of Sandy Loch at 10am to walk to the site or drop in at any time during the day.  Participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for being out on the hill.  No previous experience is needed, just a desire to do something positive about climate change. 

For more information please get in touch with Sue White at info@shetlandamenity.org or call the Trust on 01595 694688.

A map of the site is shown below.

map of site