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Out and About

ZoomBanish plastic bags

The average person uses about 250 plastic bags a year. Plastic bags create high carbon emissions during production and problems with disposal, as well as causing a litter problem which can seriously harm wildlife. Pledge to banish the plastic, reusing your old bags until they break and then treating yourself to a strong, reusable bag.

Buy local

Buying products from local producers not only supports the local economy but also drastically reduces the miles these products need to travel. Before you buy a new product, check if you can find a version produced locally and pledge to buy local whenever you can. Local shops often offer local produce, if you can’t find what you are looking for ask if they could stock local. Farmers markets, craft fairs and country shows are also a good place to source local. In terms of food and drink, we can produce most things in Britain that you buy in your regular shopping trip, if you can’t find a local version, try to source UK products. Also remember to support local producers when you are out for a meal. If the menu doesn’t state where the ingredients are sourced, ask.

ZoomDrink tap water rather than bottled

Bottled water has to be processed, packaged in plastic and travel by road, sea or air to reach us, producing around 1000 times more carbon than tap water. Pledge to avoid these high emissions by filling a reusable bottle with tap water before you leave the house or ordering tap water when out and about.