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Our Geological Journey
UNESCO Global Geopark

Across the World in 3 Billion Years...

Interpretive Map of Shetland Geology, Professor Derek Flinn Interpretive Map of Shetland Geology, Professor Derek Flinn Zoom Exceptional and accessible

Shetland has been on an incredible geological journey, from close to the South Pole across the equator to its current position at the crossroads of the North Atlantic. Through this time the climate and landscape have changed dramatically to what you see today.

A Force of Nature

Shetland's geology has influenced every aspect of life in the isles and created landscapes which have provided a home for a unique biodiversity. The geology and landscapes have also influenced human settlements and activities. In fact, they have been so instrumental to man that Shetland place names often reflect these features.

Due to the lack of trees and abundance of stone, Shetland has some of the best preserved archaeology in Europe, including evidence of man's use of rocks as resources from earliest times. Geology has also been instrumental in the development of Shetland's industries, both onshore and offshore. Explore these pages to find out more.