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Our commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity

Published: 11 June 2020

The death of George Floyd has prompted a global outpouring of grief and anger that we, as an integral part of society, cannot ignore.  Peaceful protest should be a catalyst for both self-awareness and action by organisations.

Many charities, if they interrogate themselves, will find they have sometimes failed in the past to promote diversity and inclusivity in all its aspects. This includes Shetland Amenity Trust.  This cannot be an excuse for inaction, and it must spur us to change.

It is right to challenge old assumptions and old ways of doing things.  Values must be refreshed and re-interpreted in light of new knowledge and understanding.  No charity can claim to act with integrity if they discriminate against anyone based on who they are.  As a heritage charity, we have a very specific role in ensuring that all aspects of Shetland’s heritage are represented in all that we do. 

The leading membership bodies representing the UK museums, galleries, heritage and archives have released a joint statement of intent from the heritage sector in response to recent events in America and the Black Lives Matter movement.  You can read the joint statement on the Museums Association website.

The Shetland Amenity Trust fully supports this statement and we are committed to safeguarding and promoting all of Shetland’s heritage ensuring it is accessible and enjoyed by all.  As an organisation we already have in place Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy and an Access Policy and Action Plan which we are proactively monitoring, reviewing and delivering.

Through our work we commit to pro-actively:

  • support the Shetland heritage sector, acknowledging that our island’s history and heritage is an invaluable tool in fighting discrimination in all its forms;
  • facilitate anti-discrimination debate and discussion in the care of and access to our heritage collection;
  • seek and take care of the needs of an inclusive heritage workforce and audience;
  • continue to develop diverse and representative collections; and,
  • ask questions and challenge practices that support inclusion in all of its forms.

Find out more on our website at https://www.shetlandamenity.org/equality-inclusion-and-diversity.