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Northern Georoutes
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Northern Georoutes

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The Northern Georoutes project (GEO2NOR) aims to develop a high quality tourist offer and booking system for Geoparks in the North Atlantic Region. This transnational project is led by Magma Geopark (Norway) in cooperation with Stonehammer Geopark (Canada), Katla Geopark (Iceland) and Geopark Shetland.  The Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) - the tourism department of Fjord Norway – is acting as a facilitator and tourism advisor. ICT expertise is provided by Locatify and the project is funded by the Nordic Atlantic (NORA) Cooperation Programme.

The purpose of the project is to capitalize on tourism experiences in four areas of the NORA Region to promote geo-tourism in Norway, Iceland, Scotland and Canada through the Global Geoparks Network that is supported by UNESCO.

Project Aims:

  • Create tools to support tourism development in the NORA Region and Geoparks
  • Creat innovative new tourism products.

Project Outputs

  • Northern Georoutes promotional website
  • 3-day Geopark tourist packages, developed with support from the Norwegian Centre of Expertise.
  • Browser offering multi-Geopark tour packages from a server containing all the information from the Geoparks.
  • Geopark SmartGuide and TurfHunt apps

Project Outcomes

  • Promotion of the NORA Region as the 'destination of choice' for a niche tourist market.
  • Support for local businesses in the NORA Region through coordination of tourism activities.
  • Reduction in the cost to the tourist.
  • Increased recognition of the NORA tourist brand. 

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