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Leave the Car
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Leave the Car

Do you need to take the car for every journey?

Could you car share with a neighbour or work colleague or get the bus one or two days a week?

If it is a short journey, could you walk or cycle instead?

ZoomCar sharing

Pledge to car share at least once a week. If you car share with others who would normally drive individually, your carbon saving could be 50-80%. But you don’t have to drive to take part, many people make the same journeys, to the shops, school or work, and sharing the car means sharing fuel costs - making savings for everyone. Why not consider starting your own scheme with members of your community?

If you don’t know anyone making the same trips as yourself, or you have a car share with extra spaces, you can register your trips on the If You Care Share website - an online scheme matching drivers and passengers.

For more information visit www.ifyoucareshare.com or contact ZetTrans on 01595 744868.

ZoomPublic transport

Taking the bus can also generate significant savings. The average saving for Shetlanders of a one way trip to Lerwick on the bus is £2.56 and 4.31kg of CO2. Therefore two return trips to Lerwick per week will save, on average, over £10.

Click here to see how much you could save, and make a pledge to take the bus at least one day a week.


Bus timetables can be found on the ZetTrans website: www.zettrans.org.uk.

ZoomWalk or cycle short journeys

Walking or cycling rather than driving has the benefit of a 100% saving in money and carbon and also helps to improve your health and wellbeing.

Click here to see how much you can save, and calories you can burn, walking or cycling around Lerwick, and make a pledge to walk or cycle if your journey is less than 2 miles.