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Heat Pumps
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Heat Pumps

ZoomYou may not have heard about heat pumps but they are already used widely and with great success in Shetland. Heat pumps take heat from the air, the ground or water and compress it to higher temperatures to heat your home or water needs.

Ground source heat pumps use buried lengths of piping to extract the heat from the ground. The pipes are filled with a liquid which will absorb the heat from the surrounding soil, even in the depths of winter.

Air and water source heat pumps take heat directly form the air and water respectively, without the need for a collection system. However, they don’t tend to work as efficiently as ground source heat pumps at colder temperatures.

Although heat pumps do require some electricity to run, they are extremely efficient, typically delivering two to four units of heat for every one unit of electricity.

Before installing a heat pump you will need to consider your homes energy efficiency. Heat pumps operate at slightly lower temperatures than conventional heating systems, so you’ll need to check your insulation and draught proofing. They’ll also work better with lower temperature heating systems, such as under floor heating, than with traditional wet radiators.