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Grant Aid

Shetland Amenity Trust operates a heritage grant scheme financed by investment from an endowment fund.  The ability to offer grant assistance is dependent on the level of investment income received, which varies from year to year depending on stock market performances.

The grant scheme is designed to provide assistance for heritage related projects of exceptional quality which accord with the objects of Shetland Amenity Trust’s Trust Deed.

The Trust objects are:

(a) The protection, improvement and enhancement of buildings and artefacts of architectural, historical, educational or other interest in Shetland with a view to securing public access to such buildings and the permanent display for the benefit of the public of such artefacts for the purposes of research, study or recreation.

(b) The provision, development and improvement of facilities for the enjoyment by the public of the Shetland countryside and its flora and fauna, the conservation and enhancement for the benefit of the public of its natural beauty and amenity and the securing of public access to the Shetland countryside for the purposes of research, study or recreation.

(c) Such other purpose or purposes charitable in law as the Trustees shall from time to time determine.

Eligible Projects

Projects falling under the following headings are eligible to apply for Grant Aid funding:

  • Architecture
  • Natural Environment
  • Access (physical or intellectual)
  • Interpretation
  • Archaeology
  • Conservancy
  • Acquisition


Grants are awarded at the discretion of Shetland Amenity Trust Trustees and their decision is final. Each application is considered on its own merit.

Applicants must show that there is a need for additional grant funding and that they are providing a substantial contribution of their own. 

Grant funding will not be given for projects that have already begun.  Applications must be received in good time to be processed, and no later than the 1st of the month in which the Trustees meet to consider applications. (January, April, July and October)

Download full guidance notes and an application form here.