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Following some, or all, of our eco-driving tips below can significantly reduce your fuel bills and carbon footprint. You can pledge to follow any of these tips or sign up to the eco-driver pledge to follow all of them.

ZoomSmooth driving

Anticipate road conditions, try to maintain a steady speed and avoid harsh acceleration and braking. This single change saves on average 1278kg C02/year.

Efficient speed

Consider your most efficient speed. This depends on makes and models but is usually around 45 – 50mph. Increasing your speed beyond this greatly increases fuel consumption.

ZoomUse your gears

A simple way to make a big impact on your fuel consumption is to use your gears. Change up before 2500rpm for petrol cars and 2000rpm for diesel. A car travelling at 37mph in third gear uses 25% more fuel than at the same speed in fifth gear.

Remove accessories

Remove any accessories such as roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes when not in use. Not only do these add extra weight but also significantly reduce your car’s aerodynamic and fuel efficiency.

Tyre pressures

Check your tyre pressures. Under-inflated tyres are not only dangerous but could increase your fuel consumption by 3%.

ZoomDon't idle

Save fuel by not leaving your car engine idling when stationary or stuck in a jam. It’s worth switching it off if you expect to be stopped for more than a minute or two.

Remember to drive smoothly and avoid revving your engine excessively when you move off.


Vehicle air conditioning causes a big increase in your fuel consumption, if driving at low speed open the windows instead. At speeds of 50mph or more ensure your windows are closed to maximise fuel efficiency.