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Da Voar Redd Up Returns this April

Published: 14 March 2022

Shetland Amenity Trust is pleased to announce that its award-winning annual spring clean up, Da Voar Redd Up (DVRU), is back and will take place next month from 23 – 29 April 2022.

DVRU is Shetland’s most successful community beach and roadside clean up with over 200 groups and 4,500 volunteers having taken part in previous years.

Rory Tallack, one of the organisers behind the DVRU campaign said: “We’re delighted to see DVRU return in full for the first time in three years having previously had to scale it back due to Covid restrictions. The Redd Up makes a huge contribution to the protection of Shetland’s natural environment and wildlife, clearing Shetland’s beaches, coastlines and roadsides of litter and the debris washed up by winter storms. For anyone in Shetland looking to make a meaningful difference to the local environment, then this is a really effective, fun and sociable way in which to do so.”

DVRU is open to everyone in the community. Individual Redd Ups are usually undertaken by groups, such as families, schools and community groups. Anyone keen to join in but isn’t sure how is encouraged to get in touch with SAT organisers who will help put them in touch with a group.

To sign up simply register online via the SAT website and choose a Redd Up location, which also means that the organisers can ensure that different groups are not cleaning the same places. Bags will be provided and during registration there is the option to specify a roadside collection of bags after the Redd Up.

Folk are encouraged to look out for unusual items during their clean ups, such as Mermaid’s Purses, and log them with the Shark Trust, as the information gathered will help inform important research.

The Trust believes that safety in the community is of the highest priority, so would like to remind volunteers to adhere to the most recent government guidance on hand hygiene and social distancing.

Shetland Amenity Trust would like to thank all volunteers and organisations supporting Da Voar Redd Up 2022, including Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Charitable Trust, Marine Conservation Society, Enquest Sullom Voe, and Tesco Bags of Help.

To register online go to the SAT website; or email info@shetlandamenity.org, or leave a message on 01595 694688.