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Da Voar Redd Up - Group Registration Form

Which location would you prefer?
Please note: If this location is not available, we will contact you to discuss alternative options.
Could you provide us with an Ordnance Survey grid reference of the Redd Up location or mark it on a map and send it in?

Which Community Council area is the Redd Up location in?

If you have identified a suitable accessible collection point for our trucks to pick up the rubbish please give details:

What date do you plan to carry out your Redd Up?

Please indicate the number of the following items required for your group:
Please note, safety vests are only required for road side redd ups and should be kept by the group for use in future years.

How many people do you expect to take part?

Are you willing to share photos or videos of your event?

Would you be willing for volunteers to help your group with your Redd Up?

We would like to send out all future correspondence for the Redd Up by email. Are you happy for us to contact you by email?

To assist Community Councils with funding voluntary organisations we share details of groups who participate in Redd Ups in their areas. Can you confirm that you are happy for us to share your Redd Up information with the Community Council?