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Current Architectural Projects

ZoomLerwick Town Hall

The Team have been integral to the funding applications and development of plans to restore the stonework on Lerwick Town Hall. This ongoing project is a significant piece of work on one of Lerwick's landmark buildings. The image shows Ben, one of the team, touching up the mortar around the newly replaced stonework.

Walkway at Hermaness

The architectural heritage team have been working on a series of walkways to enable easier access at the Hermaness area in Unst. This work

was done on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage and one of the North Isles crew, Andy, is pictured here surveying the finished result.

Brough Lodge

Brough Lodge will require extensive expert restoration Brough Lodge will require extensive expert restorationZoom

The first stage of the Brough Lodge restoration is to make the building wind and water tight. The Brough Lodge Trust engaged the Architectural Heritage Team to carry out this work, which began with an exercise to salvage original fixtures and fittings from the ruined building to ensure nothing was lost. The salvaged items were labelled and stored, and will be reused in the future restorative element of this project.

Work done to date has included making the building safe by using salvaged timber to replace lintels and underpinning load bearing partitions. Stonework repairs have been carried out and the main roof has been completely reconstructed, with chimney stalks rebuilt. Work will continue on repairing the west roof.